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Bull Dozers

7 Ton

Komatsu D31A-18


7 Ton

Komatsu D31A-20

9 Ton


Chain Trenchers

Kubota Centre Mount 5" Cut 19hp 800mm Cut

Kubota Side Mount 5" Cut 24hp 1mtr Cut

Kubota Side or Centre Mount 170mm Cut 40hp 1mtr Cut

Walk behind Trencher

Bullet Trencher


1.6 Ton Rubber Tracks (On Trailer - 1 With Thumb)

1.8 Ton Rubber Tracks (On Trailer)

12.0 Ton Steel Tracks with Thumb

13.0 Ton Steel Tracks with Hydr thumb

16.0 Ton Steel Tracks

2.0 Ton Rubber (On Trailer)

3.5 Ton Rubber Tracks

4.5 Ton Rubber Tracks

6.0 Ton Rubber or Steel Tracks

8.0 Ton Steel Tracks

Hydraulic grab bucket for 8T or 13T Excavators

Hydraulic Post Hole Borer to 600mm


Cat 130 13 Ton

Cat 140H - 16 Ton

Komatsu GS405-2 9 Ton

Kubota M7040F

Loaders - Pivot Steer

1.9 Ton TCM L3 (On Trailer)

2.75 Ton LX20, TCM808, FL35

3.5 Ton LX30, FL50

7 Ton CAT 910F

7 Ton TCM L9, L510, FL310

Loaders - Skid Steer

Bobcat 4 in 1 Bucket 2.5

Crawler Carrier 750kg Load

Site Dumpers

Site Dumper 3ton carry

Site Dumper 9ton carry non swivel

Site Dumper 9ton carry swivel

Dingo's and Kanga's


 Trailerised unit

Implements Avalible  

  • Bucket
  • Post Borer

Kanga Mini Loaders

Trailerised Unit

Implements Avalible  

  • Standard Bucket
  • Clamshell Bucket
  • Post Borer
  • Trencher
  • StumpGrinder
  • Yard Broom
  • Rotory Hoe
  • Concrete Mixer
  • Leveling Bar


Clamshell Bucket

Kanga Leveling Bar

Kanga Stump Grinder

Kango Trencher

Trencher 1200 Deep 150 Wide

Kanga/ Dingo Concrete Mixer

Fits onto the Borer Unit


Post Hole Borer

250, 350 , 450 Augers Availible

Kanga Rotory Hoe

Yard Broom